1983 CJ Jeep Part 2

Come-along is not going to cut it when remounting the tub so I install a Harbor Freight hoist to aid in the dropping the tub.IMG_1441

Back from paint.

IMG_1526 IMG_1527 IMG_1525

Wife said she wanted red.  “Red Baron Red” is what she got.



Decide to replace shocks since access is so good.  Also do steering.


Rear diff was leaking so pulled the cover, cleaned and replaced with new gasket.  Looked good, no shavings.IMG_1546

Really liked how the powder coated bumpers turned out.

IMG_1610 IMG_1614

Enough fusing.  Time to put this back together.

IMG_1616 IMG_1618 IMG_1621 IMG_1622 IMG_1623

Not bad for a one-man job.



IMG_1626 IMG_1628 IMG_1635

Bye bye rusting battery holder.


Too much work to resurface all the bolts.  Buy a stainless steel complete kit.  Ends up being far from complete but still worth the money.


Heater box and computer installed.  Computer will come out later when I realize what I need to do to start it.


Some parts aren’t up to snuff.  Replacement hood hinges are thin pressed steel.  Might paint and put back the original.


Sand and paint chair hardware.  Start wiring the tub.

IMG_1662 IMG_1647

Staring to look more like a jeep.

IMG_1665 (1)

Roll bar and seats go in with new seat belts all around.

IMG_1864 (1)

Not a lot of pictures of the next phase.  Put everything back together but it wouldn’t start.

Replaced cap, rotor, wires, and coil.  Tested fuel, timing, and wiring.  Finally realized that when the weber was installed, a lot of the emissions controls were removed.  The computer was still trying to control the distributor and ignition module even though much of the emissions gear had been removed previous to my ownership.  Performed the “Nutter Bypass” to bypass the computer and the Jeep roared to life.  Will look at fuel injection at some point but after timing, the jeep hums.

Pulled out every bit of previous wiring which cleaned up the engine compartment.


First day of driving produced a sizable leak from the rear main seal.  Wife had already moved her car back in the garage so I let the good guys at Brad’s Foreign and Domestic do the dirty work of dropping the pan and repairing.

Ready to roll!

IMG_1929 IMG_1927

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