1983 CJ Jeep Part 1

Cheap Earl Scheib Paint job.
Stops the rust but largely cosmetic.





DIY Auto Parts Store rhino lining. IMG_0961 IMG_0954Fast forward to 2014.  Rust is eating the windshield and cheap paint deteriorating on the hood.  Lining is going bad as well.

IMG_1096 (2)




Wife thinks it is not safe for the 3 year old so I better give it some love.  Brad’s Foreign and Domestic in Encinitas: Round #1 2013

  • Remove and replace front wheel bearings, races, and seals.
  • Replace front brake hoses
  • Remove and replace rear wheel cylinders
  • Fuel sender was also replaced in 2012

New rubber to replaced the 15 year old tires.  New wheels to replace black painted white steel.IMG_1086 (1)

Brad’s Foreign and Domestic in Encinitas: Round #2

  • Replace tie rods
  • Replace dive belts
  • Remove and replace clutch assembly
  • Replace flywheel and install bearing
  • Repair exhaust leak at manifold
  • Remove and replace value cover
  • Replace catalytic converter
  • Remove and replace transfer case shifter bushing
  • Remove and replace transmission and engine mounts.

Jeep is running like a top so I decide to paint to get a handle on some rust.  How come the bigger projects start with a simple notion.

IMG_1118 (2)

Start removing the pieces.  Document door mechanism with picts knowing it will be tough to put back together.

IMG_1145 (1)

Windshield frame rust from moisture getting into the wiper area.

IMG_1148 (1)

Couple of car thieves tried to break the ignition cylinder a couple years back so I was used to pulling the steering wheel.

IMG_1149 (1)

IMG_1160 (2)

1983 was the first year AMC put an emissions computer into the CJ.  One might argue this was the beginning of the end for AMC.  Jeep had a weber carb installed previous to me but the computer was still controlling timing and ignition.  I eventually learned I would need to take care of that.

IMG_1156 (2)

Wiring was getting long in the tooth so I decided to get a painless replacement harness. IMG_1163 (1)

Rubber fenders are spent.  Order new.

IMG_1164 (2)

As I open it up, not as much rust as I feared.  Most bolts came easily.  Only a few needed PB Blaster.

IMG_1169 (2) IMG_1168 (2) IMG_1165 (1)

Bad adhesion on the lining means I can peel a lot off with putty knife.

IMG_1200 (2)

31 years of dirt gets everywhere.

IMG_1201 (1)

Pull the fenders, remove the body mounts, and…

IMG_1208 (2)

lift the body with garage-mounted come-along that I had used previously for the hardtop.

IMG_1209 (1)

This is when the wife and the neighbors decide I’m crazy.

IMG_1213 (2) IMG_1214 (2) IMG_1215 (1)

Drop the body and parts at the sandblaster for stripping and powder coating the bumpers and roll bar.  Decide to let RW Little also do the paint since they have some industrial strength one coat.  Wife says red so red it is.


Frame looks pretty good but since I’m this far into it, I decide to prep and paint the frame with POR 15 rust preventative coating.

IMG_1248 (1) IMG_1252 IMG_1259 (2)

Inspect brake and fuel lines.  Replace rubber fuel fill tubes.  Meanwhile back at RW Little, tub is stripped and primed.

IMG_1355 (1) IMG_1354 (1) IMG_1352 (1) IMG_1356 (1)

Small amount of bodywork to fill in one area behind the rear license plate but I’m happy with what is a very clean straight CJ.

Time to start thinking about how to put this back together.

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